Discussions on Successful Partnerships

RESI AI is proud to highlight active investors and early-stage founders advancing drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health through the power of AI. Innovative, smart technology with creative applications take center stage alongside insights around how to navigate the early-stage investment ecosystem.

RESI AI hosts panels where active investors in the space are joined by their portfolio companies to discuss funding, partnerships, and the future of AI in life science and healthcare. Do you have a strong, successful partnership that deserves to be highlighted on a panel? Apply to participate and tell us why!

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September 16 | 10 AM EDT

Healthcare Communications
Bridging the Gaps between Patient and Provider
Communication between patients and providers is essential to health systems globally. AI-enabled technology addressing these needs and creating innovative solutions help patients better access and comprehend their options and care. Hear from early-stage founders connecting the healthcare system one relationship at a time. 

September 17 | 10 AM EDT

Accelerated Pharmaceutical Development
Advancing and Optimizing Clinical Processes
AI is a necessary component of many aspects of the development of pharmaceuticals. However, the COVID-19 global pandemic has highlighted the need for rapid and reliable pharmaceutical advancement. Learn how researchers can utilize AI to optimize performance and save lives.

September 16 | 2 PM EDT

Reproductive Wellness
Highlighting Innovation and Broad Applications
Comprehensive reproductive care has a global impact on health and society. AI-assisted advancement in this field is critical to provide access to patients regardless of location, medical history, and socioeconomic status. Hear from leaders how their technology is creating equity in quality and excellence in care. 

September 17 | 2 PM EDT

Diagnostic Wearables
Connecting Patients to Their Health
Wearable sensors are a fast-growing area of medical device and diagnostic technology. The function and accuracy of these devices are critical to patient care and communication. AI is a powerful tool equipping these to provide accurate results up to the moment and enabling users to make well-informed decisions on their health. 

September 16 | 4 PM EDT

Healthcare Systems and Infrastructure
Creating Synergy for Efficient Patient Care
Optimized healthcare systems and digital infrastructure are paramount to the patient experience. From electronic health records to portal access and communications, AI-enabled medical centers are better equipped to help patients in the digital age. When it comes to healthcare, small synergistic changes create a big impact on the patient experience and contribute to better systems globally. 

September 17 | 4 PM EDT

Precision Medicine
Fitting the AI Piece of the Puzzle
The AI impact on precision medicine is essential in targeting and treating genetic disorders, rare diseases, oncology, and more. It’s important that entrepreneurs learn how to navigate pitfalls such as market saturation, regulatory risk and guidelines, as well as how to better define patient populations, and tackle manufacturing and commercialization challenges.