All panels are pre-recorded and will be available for viewing online via the event website. These conversations with fundraising CEOs and healthcare and life science investors are the perfect complement to our 2-day one-on-one partnering platform and featured company pitch sessions.

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Track 1


Track 2

AI Strategic Partners and Investors

Track 3

Fundraising CEO Presentations

Track 4

All Day Partnering with Investors & Channel Partners


Repurposing Existing Drugs and Identifying, Optimizing, and Validating New Drug Candidates

AI Medical Device Investment

From Development through Early Commercialization

Featured Company Pitch Session

AI in Medical Imaging AND Pathology

Cardiovascular, Bone, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, and Thoracic Screening for Cancer

Investing in New Digital Health AI Applications

New AI Applications are Changing How Care is Managed, Including Patient Involvement

AI and Omics Technologies

High-Dimensional Biology Linking Diseases with Genetics

Health System Partners AND the Impact of AI

Healthcare Organizations Partnering with AI Entrepreneurs

Featured Company Pitch Session

AI AND Patient Monitoring

The Perfect Storm for AI to Do Its Thing

Investors Focused on AI-Based Diagnostics

AI Diagnostics, Ranging from IVD, Genomics, Precision Medicine, and More

AI Diagnostics for Disease Detection

Diagnostic Applications Intrinsically Create Lots of Data for AI Tools to Add Value

Angels AND Family Offices Funding AI Startups

Why AI is a Fit for These Early Stage Capital Providers

Featured Company Pitch Session

AI Helping Manage Chronic Diseases

Detection, Prevention, and Intelligent Agents are the Keys to Effectively Treating and Managing the Stages Inherent in all Chronic Disease

AI AND Precision Medicine Investments

From CRISPR to CAR-T Technologies: Shifting the Paradigm of Therapeutic Investment


Rule-Based Expert Systems, Machine Learning and Deep Learning

Featured Company Pitch Session