About the Conference

Join us for Digital RESI November 16-18, featuring AI content within the same agenda and partnering system.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly reshaping the healthcare landscape, and redefining what is possible in life science. RESI AI is a partnering conference that connects the investors and strategic partners and matches them to companies developing and commercializing AI technology in drugsdevicesdiagnostics, and digital health (the 4 Ds) to revolutionize healthcare. In addition to pitch sessions and one-on-one meetings hosted by our partnering platform, RESI AI features panels to expand your knowledge of the industry and learn how to create relationships that lead to strong, successful strategic partnerships. This two-day digital conference provides the opportunity to meet strategic partners, learn from the experts, and build relationships to advance the future of healthcare.

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Who Should Attend

RESI AI is committed to facilitating conversations that spark early-stage deals across drugs, devices, diagnostics, and digital health that save lives and change the world through healthcare innovation. To advance the most successful deals, all major players, including both buyers and sellers, are saved a seat at the table.


Investors get a front-row seat to emerging early-stage companies, with direct insight into product pipelines, licensing opportunities, financing rounds, technologies, licensing deals, and management details in order to find the best fit for their theme.


Early-stage CEOs gain access to investors and strategic partners actively seeking opportunities that match their product set and stage of development, from Seed to Series B, through a match-based partnering system, pitch session opportunities, and industry expert panels.

Service Providers

Deal-making is not just a two-way street. The early-stage arena can be challenging to navigate without the help of law firms, broker-dealers, CROs/CMOs, and consulting services to assist in bringing a bright prospect to market.

What to Expect

In order to provide maximum value, RESI AI goes beyond traditional partnering with a matching system to connect buyers and sellers based on product and development stage fit. In addition to partnering, attendees are invited to participate in featured pitch sessions, expert panels, and industry workshops – each designed with the early-stage player in mind.


Sponsors & Exhibitors

Sponsorship can help your company gain unprecedented visibility into the early-stage life science community, and also leverage our close-knit network of key decision-makers to make promising connections with future clients and strategic partners. To learn more and request a sponsorship brochure, contact us at resi@lifesciencenation.com.

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